This is where you read about all the legal things that the FTC wants me to make clear to you.

When I am given a product to try out for free… I’m not going to automatically write a post about how much I love that product. If I love it… I will tell you about it. If I hate it… I may tell you about it or it might quietly get sent back to the company. The point is… just because I am given a free product… doesn’t mean I’m going to lie about it. I’m a truth teller!

If I’ve been paid to talk about a product… you can be sure that I’ve only accepted payment once I am sure that I like the product. Examples of a paid sponsorship would include those on my right hand sidebar. I’ve been paid in products, services, or with money to put those links there for you.

I would never accept any amount of money to talk about a product that I do not like.

I’m open to hearing about any products, trips, or advertising opportunities you may have for me. Please keep in mind, that if I don’t have a good experience… I won’t be sharing what you’re selling with my audience.

If you’re interested in advertising with me on my blog, asking me to review a product, or represent your company at a conference… please contact me at kelly@childhoodclothing.com

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you and creating an open and honest advertising relationship!