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I can do custom orders as well. Email me at

Brand new for the season! Holiday Damask Dress with 3/4 length sleeves, contrasting trim, and a sweet bow. The elastic neckline allows this dress to become a tunic top once your child has grown too tall for a the dress! (Currently listed on Etsy)

Sizes 6mo to 6x


A design first for Childhood! This unisex one button jacket is shown in a tweed and fleece combo. The possibilities are endless however. Customize this cozy coat for your little boy or girl!

Sizes 12mo to 6x

$45 (depending in custom fabric chosen)

Another design first by Childhood! This sweet dress may look summery, but paired with the one button coat… it’s a versatile dressy holiday ensemble. Shown in tweed and jersey knit… this piece will last many seasons.

Sizes 12mo to 6X



This is where you read about all the legal things that the FTC wants me to make clear to you.

When I am given a product to try out for free… I’m not going to automatically write a post about how much I love that product. If I love it… I will tell you about it. If I hate it… I may tell you about it or it might quietly get sent back to the company. The point is… just because I am given a free product… doesn’t mean I’m going to lie about it. I’m a truth teller!

If I’ve been paid to talk about a product… you can be sure that I’ve only accepted payment once I am sure that I like the product. Examples of a paid sponsorship would include those on my right hand sidebar. I’ve been paid in products, services, or with money to put those links there for you.

I would never accept any amount of money to talk about a product that I do not like.

I’m open to hearing about any products, trips, or advertising opportunities you may have for me. Please keep in mind, that if I don’t have a good experience… I won’t be sharing what you’re selling with my audience.

If you’re interested in advertising with me on my blog, asking me to review a product, or represent your company at a conference… please contact me at

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you and creating an open and honest advertising relationship!




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Smile Journey